Point on the i

Yeah, looking towards the end of year, you could start wondering about the year thus far. What you set out to do this year, might be closer then you think. It could be so close, that with a point on the i here and there, the result can be here, in this year. You need to find the proper tasks that are on your priority and work your ass off to make it happen. As of today, there are 16 days left on the calendar for this year. It is time to make it to the final push. Finish what was started at the beginning of this year. 

There Are Rules

If you want to achieve something in this world, in this life, you can not do it by keep following your own rules. You need to understand what you want to achieve first, and of course, you will aim big. Next, you fail bigger, as you did follow your own rules and you did not understand the way the game works. After failing for a thousand and one times, you finally start to get a grip on the unwritten rules of the game. Because, even if you keep your optimism through all the hardships, you need to follow the rules of this world in order to make your dreams reality and actually make something out of life. Against all odds, we will.

Yeah, it is.

“Good morning, Alphie!”, Thomas Shelby saluted his partner in crime. “Yeah, it is.”, Alphie Solomons replied. He did not automatically accepted the proposition that it was a good morning; he first thought about it to see if it really was a good morning. That day it was. Some days it is not. Circumstances can make it hard to see everything in the right perspective and it took the boys some time to get the mindstate back on ready and positive. After a great night sleep, the day is here to say Good Morning. Simply because yeah, it is a good morning!

The Next Day

It all still seems to be so complex, and yet it can be simple. Looking at situations in the past reminds me how it all could have gone differently, yet it is only the way ahead that counts; the next day. There you can do it differently, with new actions that you can try. Plenty of opportunities if you know where to look, yet you have to make enough money to take care of your costs side of things. If you got that handled, you can work towards better things, yet it will always be a rough process, as the more pressure you take on, the harder the battle. If you would 10x your monthly income as a goal, you need to change strategy and tactics in order to get there, so you find yourself thinking differently. It doesn’t matter anyway, because you can not know what happens tomorrow when the alarm goes off. Do you snooze or do you jump up and out and under the shower? Don’t know yet…

Nothing is Free

After missing a goal or deadline, you start wondering what you have done. You find the problem, in order to have a solution next time. You have to reschedule the goal, but never lower it. You should be prepared. The problem lied in the business modal, as nothing is for free in this world, and many things haven’t been billed over the last few years. Always saw this as investing in learning, and there is nothing wrong with that. Now however, it is time to capitalize on skills acquired and experience gained, in order to make sure the goals set can be brought into reality. Hard lessons are best, even though the process is not fun. Nothing is free.

Mission Impossible

Someday you write about respecting the process. The next day you work towards reaching a goal you really need to happen, but it ended up being simply not doable in this short period of time. Talk about not respecting the process. Everything has its time and you can not force. You can try to push harder, but the process will not allow it. Once that conclusion was reached, the text said; mission impossible, blown off. Time for a resting night, picking up pieces, re-strategize the plan. You can learn every day eh?

Respect the Process

Good things take time to grow, dreams take time to become reality. Once you set out to reach a certain goal, you can make it happen by finishing the process from A to Z. You need to take every step in between, or the process will be corrupted. You must not expect anything, because that is imagining how things should be, and they never do. You only look at the now and handle what is right in front of you. Your goal is set, so keep your patience, respect the process and eventually, you will see how exactly it all turns out.

Summer Vibes

Have to say, once the cleaning up day was over, the house felt totally refreshed. The office was moved out, everything organized and cleaned up, it was like the house was ready for new opportunities. That night, it felt like the fall fell over us, as it was windy. Nieuwe dag, nieuwe kansen, nieuwe ronde. Old friends opened some bottles of wine and there was musica. For some, the night ended early, for some it continued ‘til the late hours. The next day; summer vibes!

Bloody Hot

Today is yet another intense day filled with heat in the air and energy in the bodies. It is supposed to be vacation period, but these boys are running, all focused on different aspects of the brand. The gym is slowly taking its shape. The fashion collection has been ready for a few weeks, and its slowly making its entrance into the streets. The boys wear the proudly and the ladies look great in the shirts as well! Today we have received our product photographs that look pixel perfect. It’s great to see all the stitching turned into our ideas into a stylish originals collection. I can feel it around me that it makes people proud to wear a shirt, powered by a lifestyle vision that is motivational for many. The boys have decided before to turn the world upside down this summer. We make steady progress, even in 36 degrees. Walk with us!