Behind the Scenes

We have been quite lately. Many aspects of the lifestyle of our team are in high speed development, which means we have to focus our attention where most needed. In recent times, these were the streets, the gyms, the fields and the offices. Everything is coming together to a phase where results comes from the actions, efforts and faults put in. We started to work as a team, even if we are not constantly together every day. We operate on more levels at the same time now. This is what we call progress. I like it.

We approach week thirteen. In this week twelve of 2018 there is only one Saturday night and Sunday left. Time flies us by, but at least we live it. Sunday is football day. SM is playing at 12:00 and after; visit the game of the new club of SV. When we have the sun shining, it promises to be a action packed day and a great closing of week twelve.

So what are we up to in the coming week?

We are talking with a new partner to help us launch the vlog. Some footage has already been shot by the hands of SM, SV and MG. The WALKINSTAIRS vlog will show you how we train, eat and make moves. These are exiting goals with an important mission. In this we can put in effort because A: we like it ourselves and B: we can show you a different way of living, that might give you new insights in what is possible and C: we like to help people and we believe we can do that perfectly with video.

We also expect to receive our first line of shirts and caps and that, is about time. We did extensive research to find the right partner and quality of material. Then we designed the labels and payed the bill. Now we wait for the goods to come in, so that we can actually show the world we are part of the WALKINSTAIRS lifestyle. The label contains ‘WALK WITH US’ for the simple reason we want people to join the lifestyle of those who wear it. The man or woman in the shirt or with a cap on the head will show you how the way in achieving something. Probably only powerful, creative, intelligent people who do not fit in any corner of our current society will wear it. And that’s great. Which is exactly the reason we did it: we want to see people walk that fucking stair to a point he or she feels right. We will have shirts in black and white, for women and men. We will also have a black cap that will make people wonder which brand this is. And when they finally ask, you can say, this is not a brand; this is a fucking lifestyle.

Yes. We can not wait to make everything a reality. We have many plans going from there. We just need to walk these stairs ourselves. Faster.