Consider Eating Fruits in ALL the Colors of the Rainbow

Eating healthy should be everyone’s top priority. Your health defines how well you live your life. You need to eat the right foods to make sure your body functions like it should. If you don’t, you will notice your body and mind working less efficient. Malnutrition can lead to all sorts of problems in your body.

You should eat your fruits, that should be obvious. Most people however know this and take one or maybe two pieces a day. Usually, they also take the fruit they know tastes nice. They do not change it up. This is something that should change, because there are many different fruits all containing different nutritional value. And you need this variety.

Try it this way. Choose your fruits based on the color it has. If you just had an orange, pick a green apple the next time. Or take blue berries and purple grapes. Next piece you eat could be yellow like a lemon. This way, you add a richer variety of vitamins and minerals to your body.

The rainbow has 7 colors. Eat every color, because every color has a function in your body. That is the simple explanation, you will learn about the deeper meaning later. If you miss one color, your body is going to try to communicate you eat it.

If you have difficulty eating all this fruit, try to make one colorful smoothie a day. That way you can drink the mix of nutrition all in once. Once you get the hang of that, your smoothies are going to play a major role in your diet. It is a beautiful and very easy way to add the so-needed good-stuff in your body.

Start buying fruits with all the colors of the rainbow, mix them in a blender and work towards a healhier lifestyle. Your body will thank you for that.