The Most Important and Often Overlooked Nutrient

All the soda’s, milks, coffee’s, fruit juices and sport drinks we consume usually just taste so  damn good. This made some forget why we actually have the need to drink. We need to stay hydrated!

Besides the fact that not drinking enough water is associated with a whole list of physical discomforts and diseases there is another major reason to stay well hydrated. Your mood!

75% of our brain is water and even mild dehydration changes our brain function. Most notable effects of dehydration are increased sleepiness and fatigue, lower levels of vigor and alertness, and increased confusion.

Luckily for us water is absorbed by our body rapidly. It only takes 5 minutes to go from mouth to bloodstream. So it’s just a matter of minutes from moody to happy.

For the chronic happy people checking your urine is a good way to see how your body is doing. Colorless or light yellow means you are well hydrated. Dark yellow or amber color means you may be dehydrated.

Do your surroundings a solid, stay hydrated and be happy!