One Step Towards Better Health

There are many stairs to be taken. Little over 2 years ago I started walking the stairs towards better health and eventually a better me. It all started with my bad state of physical well being. Even though I was training intensively and becoming bigger and stronger every month deep down my body got fucked up very badly. I was suffering from Crohn’s disease. The more I trained, the more I ate the sicker I got. Then one day I was playing a football match and injured my back. Spent 4 weeks in bed. Couldn’t even visit the toilet to take a shit. Oh the joy. Didn’t manage to wrap my head around the fact I was focusing so much on physical strength yet my back mussels failed me in such a horrible way.

Doctors didn’t help me at all. Only thing they did was trying to fight the symptoms. They didn’t have a clue what was going on with my bowels and not the faintest idea about what was the root cause of my weak lower back. Never occurred to them those 2 problems could be related. Came up with some experimental autoimmune suppressing medication they wanted me to take for a year to see if it might possible maybe work. Yea right, nice story bro but I am not going to be some kind of guinea pig. Told them I will figure it out myself.

That was a major leap of faith in myself. I didn’t have any medical background nor did I have any idea how the body worked and which nutrients it needs to function properly. Goddamn what a stairs it was and still is. Many lessons were learned, even more mistakes were made and corrected. Little by little and step by step. With all the knowledge gained standing all the way up here and looking all the way down there, it’s hard to imagine I once stood there.

I could talk many more hours and hours about my story but I won’t. I could talk about what not to do and not to eat but I will not do that either (experienced in my personal life that isn’t the stairs to take). Instead I will give you some useful information about the food I started eating and changed my life. I will show you why you should include them into your diet. Eventually you will know so much good food to eat there simply isn’t any room left for all the crap.