Prepare Yourself Properly for the Coming Day

This morning, I woke up, yet again, at my couch.

It happens more often lately, because the days are packed, and when I finally sit down at my own spot, at my own house, sleep kicks in fast. It’s actually quite nice when you are used to it.

This couch is really easy on my mucles and bones. Never do I wake up with a back or neck pain. It’s just comfortable.

Anyway, I woke up at 04:00 AM this monday morning. I light up a sigaret and wonder what to do next. If I walk to my bed, I might not be hearing my 05:45 and 06:00 alarms. But I need to take some more rest. So I decide to lie down in my bed and fortunately, I do not sleep anymore. I just rest there a bit.

It eventually took me about two hours to do what I needed to do to close my door te get going. Put some coffee in, checked my mail, cleaned up the mess from last night, setup some mailaccounts, shower and shaving and many more small things I usually do not have time for in the morning. This morning I made the time.

It’s actually quite relaxing to do this. At 07:35 I stepped in the bus and was enroute. When I had to wait for ten minutes on the bus, I realised I could be writing an article. So I dropped by sigarette and jumped into my notes. Why not write about the relaxed and efficient morning I had prepraring for this new week. It might give you some context on why you could do something about the start of your day. In this case, today is the beginning of a week full of interesting stuff. Possibily, probably?

It feels great to have finally managed to get this morning thing done in a prepared way.

Keep in mind that not one morning is the same. For me, it is usually a bit rushed. We can at least aim to improve the very early and dark mornings to make it more relaxed. And prepare yourself better as a result.

More on self discipline and self improvement later. Step by step.