Give your webshop its unique SHOWROOM

The assortiment of the SHOWROOM in WAALWIJK consists of unique brands and (creative) products of webshops who are usually only accessible through the internet. You can now include your brand in the SHOWROOM.

Pick the right level that suits your brand best:
Want on top? Pick A. Want in the middle? Pick C. Want at the bottom? Pick E.


40,00 Incl. BTWMeer informatie


50,00 Incl. BTWMeer informatie


60,00 Incl. BTWMeer informatie


50,00 Incl. BTWMeer informatie


40,00 Incl. BTWMeer informatie

How does the SHOWROOM work?

Each etalage consists of 5 levels, or 5 showrooms. When you rent one SHOWROOM up here it will be available for your webshop for the next 30 days.

You can come by to design your showroom on the spot, or send your material to the SHOWROOM and we will make it happen. You rent a showroom for 30 days. The SHOWROOM is open for a minimum of 32 hours in 7 days. There are more possibilities available, depending on product or goal.

If you have any questions, please contact us