The Most Important and Often Overlooked Nutrient

All the soda’s, milks, coffee’s, fruit juices and sport drinks we consume usually just taste so  damn good. This made some forget why we actually have the need to drink. We need to stay hydrated!

Besides the fact that not drinking enough water is associated with a whole list of physical discomforts and diseases there is another major reason to stay well hydrated. Your mood!

75% of our brain is water and even mild dehydration changes our brain function. Most notable effects of dehydration are increased sleepiness and fatigue, lower levels of vigor and alertness, and increased confusion.

Luckily for us water is absorbed by our body rapidly. It only takes 5 minutes to go from mouth to bloodstream. So it’s just a matter of minutes from moody to happy.

For the chronic happy people checking your urine is a good way to see how your body is doing. Colorless or light yellow means you are well hydrated. Dark yellow or amber color means you may be dehydrated.

Do your surroundings a solid, stay hydrated and be happy!

We All Need More Fruits

Being on the standard unhealthy western diet first thing I figured out was: I need more fruit in my diet. We all need more fruit in our diet. Eureka!!!

Even though I always enjoyed the taste of fruit I just rarely ate it. Coming from a bad place health wise I wanted to eat enough fruit to stay healthy and something extra to make up for the lost years. Smoothies!!!

Yup smoothies are a great way to get some extra nutrients, anti-oxidants and fiber into our depleted bodies. Conveniently they are super easy to make. Get a blender and throw some random fruit in it. Maybe add some water to make it more fluid. It’s just that easy to start making smoothies.

However, there are many hacks to make your smoothies even better.

All fruits are healthy but some are even healthier, like berries. They top the anti-oxidant charts by a mile and are packed with phytonutrients. Having a sweet taste they are a delight to the tongue. Where some other fruits can have a negative effect on blood sugar control after being blended, berries negate this and even help you control your blood sugar level. That’s why I always include berries in my smoothie. Blue berries are my favorite.

Living this fast lane life we often don’t have time to go out and get our groceries. Here is were frozen fruit comes into play. You can keep it for weeks if not months in the freezer. So you always have fruit available. Where I live not all fruits (like berries) are fresh available throughout the year, but most stores do have them frozen. Frozen strawberries and raspberries have the same nutrients as there fresh counter parts.

Because life is expensive enough as it is it can be a challenge to fund your glass of smoothie every day. Bananas are a cheap way to fill up your blender so you can have a smoothie today, tomorrow and even the day after tomorrow. The natural fibers found in bananas make them a treat for the good bacteria in your gut.

Stay away from canned fruit. The canning process destroy most of the nutrients. Extra sugar is added to the syrup and the can linings leak harmful chemicals into the product.

There are more cheats for more interesting smoothies, those include adding ingredients from outside the realm of fruit.

Step by step. Let’s talk about that another time. For now just enjoy your smoothie!

One Step Towards Better Health

There are many stairs to be taken. Little over 2 years ago I started walking the stairs towards better health and eventually a better me. It all started with my bad state of physical well being. Even though I was training intensively and becoming bigger and stronger every month deep down my body got fucked up very badly. I was suffering from Crohn’s disease. The more I trained, the more I ate the sicker I got. Then one day I was playing a football match and injured my back. Spent 4 weeks in bed. Couldn’t even visit the toilet to take a shit. Oh the joy. Didn’t manage to wrap my head around the fact I was focusing so much on physical strength yet my back mussels failed me in such a horrible way.

Doctors didn’t help me at all. Only thing they did was trying to fight the symptoms. They didn’t have a clue what was going on with my bowels and not the faintest idea about what was the root cause of my weak lower back. Never occurred to them those 2 problems could be related. Came up with some experimental autoimmune suppressing medication they wanted me to take for a year to see if it might possible maybe work. Yea right, nice story bro but I am not going to be some kind of guinea pig. Told them I will figure it out myself.

That was a major leap of faith in myself. I didn’t have any medical background nor did I have any idea how the body worked and which nutrients it needs to function properly. Goddamn what a stairs it was and still is. Many lessons were learned, even more mistakes were made and corrected. Little by little and step by step. With all the knowledge gained standing all the way up here and looking all the way down there, it’s hard to imagine I once stood there.

I could talk many more hours and hours about my story but I won’t. I could talk about what not to do and not to eat but I will not do that either (experienced in my personal life that isn’t the stairs to take). Instead I will give you some useful information about the food I started eating and changed my life. I will show you why you should include them into your diet. Eventually you will know so much good food to eat there simply isn’t any room left for all the crap.

Training is Different for Everybody

The problem with most advice from trainers is this: it is simplified to work for everybody. That is never going to work, as everyone has differences in body-types, personalities and goals. The trainer usually experienced that some strategy worked out and tries to apply it to any training session. That might work in some cases, it does not work when we zoom in on the individual.

Everyone needs to train according to his own needs. Goals define what you need to focus on. If you know when you want to be the best and fittest, you decide accordingly. You need healthy foods and quality rest, and most inportantly, the right intensity labor. Your muscles have to be in the right condition to perform when it is needed.

The solution is simple: you decide what and how you train: yourself. You find your why and you will know what actions would be to needed to make that why happen.

That means you need to find the reason you are putting in all that effort. Because effort and action is needed. It is going to hurts.

If you find the why you might find yourself, after losses but most inportantly the victories over yourself, in a thriumphic position. You will wonder what happened and you realize you have achieved what you wanted to achieve. Pain is the price you pay.

I realised at one moment, something has got to happen. We are going to train again. We are going to learn again. We are rushing up those stairs. We want something. Let us get going, step by step.

I decided to start walking stairs. Always. Always. No exceptions.

Today you are reading the Walkin Stairs debut post.

At least we made that happen. One step up.