Why You Do Not Like the Taste of Your Greens

One important issue with vegetables intake is the taste.

Around me, I noticed that many people did not eat their vegetables in childhood. They were simply not in their diet. So when later on, they eat some greens and all that you taste is a taste you don’t like.

If you want to enjoy your healthy foods, you need to get used to the taste. The good news is that your taste buds changes very quickly once you start eating differently.

Please take a look at the following video, explaining the science behind it.

Read more on nutritionfacts.org

As this video explains, there is one other major obstacle in the way of enjoying real and healthy foods. Progressed sugars, salts and fats have influenced your taste for years. Almost everything we eat is so ridiculously sweet, everything else without progressed sugars will never be sweet.

This is one major problem for people switching to eating more healthy. But now, once you know this, you can find a way to find a solution for it.

If you want to enjoy your healthy meals more, you change three things in your lifestyle:

  1. Increase the number of vegetables in your diet and add enough variety. (learn to cook)
  2. Decrease your intake of packaged foods with lots of processed sugars.
  3. Keep eating them.

Personally, this is what it came down to for me. Now.. if you want to do this, you now know that eventually, you are going to like the taste.