The Summer Is Here

The last daily was published on the 23th of April 2018, which has been ages. Writing has moved to the background for a while, simply because we are involved in a lot of work regarding other aspects of the brand. We do have some exciting news! SM has been extremely busy building the gym, with the goal to have our own place to train and provide you with vlogs on WHY and HOW we train. SV and CB have been working their ass off to get our webshop going, as we are now involved in FASHION! We have spent many hours stitching up the caps and shirts ourselves and we can not wait to see people walkin stairs in them! Everything is handmade by the boys! The teamwork is going smoother and everything is starting to come together. You will see that soon. For now, finish as many tasks as you can and remember to take your time to enjoy the progress: the summer is here!