Training is Different for Everybody

The problem with most advice from trainers is this: it is simplified to work for everybody. That is never going to work, as everyone has differences in body-types, personalities and goals. The trainer usually experienced that some strategy worked out and tries to apply it to any training session. That might work in some cases, it does not work when we zoom in on the individual.

Everyone needs to train according to his own needs. Goals define what you need to focus on. If you know when you want to be the best and fittest, you decide accordingly. You need healthy foods and quality rest, and most inportantly, the right intensity labor. Your muscles have to be in the right condition to perform when it is needed.

The solution is simple: you decide what and how you train: yourself. You find your why and you will know what actions would be to needed to make that why happen.

That means you need to find the reason you are putting in all that effort. Because effort and action is needed. It is going to hurts.

If you find the why you might find yourself, after losses but most inportantly the victories over yourself, in a thriumphic position. You will wonder what happened and you realize you have achieved what you wanted to achieve. Pain is the price you pay.

I realised at one moment, something has got to happen. We are going to train again. We are going to learn again. We are rushing up those stairs. We want something. Let us get going, step by step.

I decided to start walking stairs. Always. Always. No exceptions.

Today you are reading the Walkin Stairs debut post.

At least we made that happen. One step up.