Why Training Regularly Will Keep You Fresh in the Head

Working the muscles is one of the things everyone should do from time to time.

The simple fact is that the more you do it, the fitter and healthier you get. (This has limits of course, but we will discuss over-training another time). Rather than training very intensely one or two times a week, you can also train lighter and more regularly.

Of course, it depends on the type of sport you like and what and how you train during sessions. More importantly though is the goal setting: what result do you want to achieve with your training? If you know this, you should figure out a way to achieve that goal. You should balance your intensity in order to get the results you like. If you go at it without any direction, you will train too hard one day and skip the next session, because something else came up.

You need to focus on the results you want.

It took me quite some time to actually manage my routine. Years ago, I tended to go at it with complete dedication to achieve a certain goal. One of the goals I had for years was to play in the first squad of my football club. I had to be complete fit for that and I figured, the more control I had over the ball, the better my games would become. That was indeed very true. I happened to score more, had more oxygen and did not loose my technical skills while being tired. It really made a difference in my performance.

Sometimes though, life pushes you in different directions. When I needed to work hard on other parts of my life, I also felt the need to go out to the club and party. Quite a lot. This paradoxical effect is very real for me and drains my motivation to push myself to the gym every time. I would find an excuse to not go.

However, every time after months, I started to feel worse. The partying slowly made my body more unhealthy and I started to feel the results in my mind, in my thinking. It happens to be the case that if your body is healthy, fit and focused, your mind follows. If you do not properly take care of your body and your body is weak and sick, your mind (and thoughts) follows.

This link is very powerful in my experience. It makes the solution actually pretty easy, because the problem is clear. if I do not take care of my body, I feel bad. If I do take care of my body, I feel good, powerful and energetic. My conclusion is simple: I need to start training.

This switch is not easy, as is every change you want to implement in your life. The start of things cost the most energy, just like the Shuttle’s take-off to Mars takes the most energy. The start is the most difficult and you need to throw in the right amount of energy to get over it. Once you do that, things will start to move more naturally.

Recently, after a two months period of working and partying, I decided to start up the power engine up again. I went back to the gym.

I would advise you to do the same. To keep up with you life, you MUST keep the body ánd mind in balance through training regularly. You will not only see a slow but steady increase of physical strength. You also keep your mind clear and you feel good.

The hidden advantage most people do not always recognize immediately about training regularly is that it clears out a lot of negative thoughts from your mind. You feel refreshed after a training. Your mind is clear because your body had to do most of the work. You did not think of your struggles for a while, because you had to focus on something else. After a nice shower you flushed all the sweat off and you feel tired, but mentally strong and stable.

If it happens that I do not train regularly, this reset of thinking is what I miss most. This always triggers me to get back to the gym. Implementing the right training routine in my life is my way to stay physically and mentally strong ánd to keep feeling good.

Hope you do the same. It seems quite important, yes?