Why Walking Stairs Is Always the Best Way

In our lifestyle, walking stairs is very important. We never skip a stair. It has a number of simple advantages in life.

You have to make theĀ choice to take that stair every time. It does not matter how tired you are or if you are late for the train, you have to take that stair. If you have a bag, does not matter, you walk this stair. If you chose to start with the first step, you will see at the top that you did it without any problem. And you find yourself usually faster. You move step by step while others are waiting. You define the pace of the steps. You focus your attention to find the most efficient way to get to the top. Each stair is different, so you have to stay alert. Is it slippery, unstable? Make sure you get up there. It does not matter how, just do it. You will find yourself more focussed and energized at that top, simply because you pumped your blood, you worked your muscles. Your whole body works together to get you up there. You need oxygen, so you start breathing. You notice you need water or food, or toilet. Just because you did those 40 or 120 steps, your body is working more efficient. This will result in a body that is in better condition in the long run. Imagine you walk 500 steps up and down each day. That would make a difference, yeah?

We show you how we walking stairs. Step by step, all the way to the top. We will share what we learn, what we experience and thus show you our lifestyle. The lifestyle of always walkin stairs.

Walk with us!